meet jeremiah

Jeremiah is a distinguished designer, TV personality, and entrepreneur renowned for his unique design approach and aesthetic. A dedicated husband and father, Jeremiah currently resides in Los Angeles with Nate and daughter Poppy, balancing his family life with a successful TV career and design offices in both Los Angeles and New York City.

jeremiah brent design firm

Jeremiah Brent Design is a full service interior design firm with locations in Los Angeles and New York City. With every client — ranging from residential to commercial — JBD embarks on a journey that weaves fearless with functional and modern with classic, incorporating elements that grow and mature with each and every client over time. 

the world of jeremiah

Jeremiah is constantly inspired by the world around him, and continually works to connect his designs with his experiences. From travel to television, press to social media, and beyond, stay up to date with all things Jeremiah as he shares everything from his latest obsessions,  inspirations, and trends, to his life and work — developing new and exciting design concepts, and consistently pushing his craft forward.